Blue Spider Math Teacher Stickman - v7.0

Blue Spider Math Teacher Stickman - v7.0

  • SekuLama

The time had come to learning in schools with Blue Spider Math Teacher Stickman, classes started.

I wonder if instructors love educational Stickman time? Stone mad Or then again they so furious instructor what dont like educational time? It's inconceivable without instruction now.

Play as a severe Stickman and irate instructor Math Teacher. Your errand is to find an understudy who mistakenly settles models and goes around the school, Blue Spider damages the standards of the school Blue Spider. After he comprehends them, he will attempt to escape from school. Stone Try not to let him do this or The teacher Stickman Catch you.

Be careful and finish all the level. Let’s start your adventure far from Stickman school, Be sly and get it with Math Teacher Blue Spider.
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