Killi - protect your data and earn money - v2.15.0

Killi - protect your data and earn money - v2.15.0

  • Killi Inc.

With Killi, you can earn cash for sharing your opinions, take back control of your data, and protect your privacy.

We’re working hard to help you earn extra cash from your data and everyday activities. Today, there are three ways to earn cash with Killi:

Paid Surveys: Respond to surveys posted in the app. Brands want to know more about you and will pay you for your answers.

Special Offers: You’ll find these in the app, and – if you opt in - we may email you occasionally about other special offers that you qualify for, based on your responses to some of the surveys.

Data sharing: Killi is a data marketplace that allows consumers to create contracts directly with data buyers. When a brand purchases your data, you make money. We'll credit your account and keep a list of those transactions in the history tab of the app. The more data you add to your profile - and the more permissions you grant - the more money you can make. Change your mind at any time – it’s easy to update share settings in the app.

Payment Methods Include:
Amazon Gift Cards
PayPal Payments
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